Bar Cón - Taste of Barcelona in the middle of Helsinki


Somehow finding a great place to eat in the shopping mall is an extremely hard.

I see why it makes sense for restaurants to serve usually average dishes, not too bad but not too remarkable either. Customers will vary a lot during the day so it's a safe shot to do everything along the golden mean. 

Luckily times change. Nowadays people are looking for special options instead of always navigating for the golden M-letters behind every corner.

And don't get me wrong, I love Quarter Pounders and all those double triple cheese creations they do. But it's nice to have something different once in a while. 


Finland (along with all the other countries on this planet) is the promised land for kebab stands and 5 euro pizzas.

Actually, the local police made a raid some time ago just to find out which places do really sell pizza for 5 euros (tax wise that's naughty business). I hope the Finnish police force at least found their lunch places with that crusade.

But nevermind the fast food this time. There's also lots of other places to go in Helsinki. Little restaurants specialized in exotic cuisines open up every week. And that's cool.

When I heard that Shopping Center Kamppi in Helsinki was launching a bunch of new restaurants my first thought was that there's going to be two Chinese restaurants, one sushi place and a Hesburger (a Finnish hamburger chain). But I was wrong.

Now there's actually a good selection of prime restaurants at the two top floors of Kamppi. 


One of them is Bar Cón. A Barcelona styled tapas bar created by Spanish chef Javier Ahedo.

With the largest selection of vermouths in Nordic countries, this place kicks ass in all other parts as well. 


The place is decorated with Barcelona vibes and it's really roomy. Though it might get pretty packed later at night.

There's also a roof terrace with few places to sit and observe the streets of downtown.


We got a chance to try Bellota Ibérico pork steak with mojo sauce and roasted parsnip. And damn that was good. The pork was perfectly cooked and the mojo sauce just clicked with the taste.

The dish goes by name Pluma De Paìs De Quercus. And it's really worth a try.


If you're looking for a nice place to have lunch while in Kamppi, don't miss Bar Còn.

The dinner menu is a bit wider with lots of tapas options, and we'll have to go for that next time. 


Bar Cón
Kamppi Shopping Center, Urho Kekkosenkatu 1, Helsinki, Finland

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