Packing for Bali - Favorite travel gear

Bali Ubud landscape

We are traveling to Bali tomorrow for one month and it's time to do the packing. 

Here's some essential stuff I usually take along with me.

Canon travel gear

Canon EOS 100D + Canon 50mm + Canon 18-55mm + Sigma 10-20mm + Tamron 70-300mm

I'm gonna post some travel content during the trip and that requires camera gear. It's kind of annoying to travel with SLR and all the lenses but I've noted that it's even more annoying to not have them with you when in need.

Skross world adapter pro

Skross World Adapter Pro

Along with all the gadgets comes a bunch of chargers. Normally the wall sockets in cheap bungalows are so old and loose that you can stick almost anything into them. But sometimes it's good to have a good old travel adapter with you.

GoPro Hero3+

GoPro Hero 3+

This one is a bit old and rugged but I haven't seen the need for a new one. It still shoots decent quality video in daylight and gives cool wide angles. When the sun goes down this little thingy is quite useless though.

UE ultimate ears Roll 2

Ultimate Ears Roll

This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is one of my favorite travel accessories. I really like the design. It's cool that you don't have to worry it getting wet and/or sandy when going to the beach. The sound quality is also pretty amazing for such a small speaker.

iPhone 7 travel gear

iPhone 7

I think this one is kind of obvious. Can't even remember how I survived alive from my first backpacking trip to India when we didn't have smartphones. Though it's nice to be offline while on a vacation, these things do also make traveling so much easier. 

Macbook Air 13"

MacBook Air 13"

Slim, lightweight and almost 10 hours of battery lifetime. Already few years old but still this laptop is one of those things I tend to take with me wherever I go.

Supreme Flip Flops

Flip Flops

Standard equipment.