Paulig Kulma - a friendly Coffee corner in Helsinki


For all of you who don't know, coffee is a quite big thing in Finland. In fact, it's so huge that every hundred coffee bean in the world comes to this crazy little country. Statistics show that average Finnish person consumes 12 kilos of raw coffee per year.

We even have a word for a person who drinks shitloads of coffee: "kahvitratti." Though there are some freaks among us who can't stand the taste of coffee (e.g. my fiance).


Studies show that our fresh water is one of the main reasons why this brewed black gold is so popular here. I think another cause is that it's pitch dark in Finland 80% of the year. People need to stay awake somehow and other stimulants are too expensive (and probably illegal).

But yeah, coffee is popular and that leads to huge amount of roasteries across the country. Paulig is one of them. Probably also one of the most famous.


Last fall they opened their corner coffee shop and Barista Institute in Helsinki downtown right next to Kluuvi shopping center. And if you're around I really suggest you stop by and give this place a go.


The place is decorated with style and it's spacious enough that you can find a spot even during the rush hour. 

Baristas are friendly and they are always willing to tell you more about the drink you're about to order.


And the drinks menu. To put it briefly, it's first class. All beans are freshly ground and your coffee taste buds will tingle from the first sip. If you're one of those who doesn't fancy a cup of java there's a variety of other good choices on the list. 

Paulig Kulma is also a great place to go if you are hunting for superfoods and healthy choices. 

If you're up for something special I recommend you to try their Super Coffee (Superkahvi in Finnish). It's like Bulletproof coffee on steroids and yummy yummy.


Paulig Kulma
Aleksanterinkatu 9, Helsinki, Finland

Must try: Super Coffee AKA Superkahvi
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