Urbanears Plattan ADV Wireless - Affordable bluetooth headphones


I've always been big a fan of wireless products. The future shouldn't be about flying cars and self-lacing sneakers. It should definitely be about wireless stuff. Most of the great new designs are still more or less ruined with cables and wires. Not only do they make things look messy but they also break way too often. I believe almost everyone has lost a pair or two of headphones due to a cord accident.

Luckily Apple turned the page and got rid of that 3.5mm headphone jack and opened the big market for Bluetooth headphones. Wireless or not, good headphones don't grow on trees. Even harder it is to find an affordable set with descent sound quality.


I actually bought my first Bluetooth headphones right after purchasing iPhone 7 last fall. The first setup was Powerbeats2 Wireless, and that one sucked ass big time.

After few days struggling with poor fit and almost ridiculously loud bass, I returned them to store and got Onkyo E700BT in-ear buds. They've been serving me quite well but I wanted to get wireless headphones with a headband.

Swedish audio product company Urbanears released the first version of Plattan headphones in 2009. I remember buying my original pair of Plattans from Helsinki-Vantaa Airport somewhere around their first release. I've used them randomly since and really like the snug fit and sound quality. Three years ago they released a wireless version of that same design and that's still worth a try.


Featuring 14 hours of playtime, washable headband, foldable design and easy touch controls on right earpiece make these a great deal in my opinion.

iPhone pairing was successful on the very first try and pairing hasn't failed since. Compared to my other Onkyo buds this is a great achievement. Their pairing seems to have problems now and then. Pairing Plattan ADV Wireless with MacBook Air and iMac was also easy peasy. 


Details are pretty low-key and Scandinavian style. Which is actually good. The headphones don't feel as cheap as they really are.


Charging is done by mini-USB and on the other earpiece, there's a 3.5mm headphone jack if you want to share your sound with that old school non-wireless friend. That actually comes pretty handy when you're watching the same movie from a laptop on a loud plane.

Sound quality and other details, of course, can't compete with high-end headphones, but I think that's obvious. All in all, Plattan ADV Wireless is a very good choice when you're looking for headphones in under 100€ price range.


Urbanears ADV Wireless Bluetooth

Weight: 170g
14hrs playback time
Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz
Impedance: 60Ω
Sensitivity: 98dB

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