Apple Watch Series 2 - License to swim


When Apple first introduced the Apple Watch series 1, I wasn't so stoked about it. With a quick look at the specs, it seemed like it was released way too early. And I don't like my apples raw. I decided to wait for the next generation.


Last year they released the Apple Watch series 2 along with the big Nike collaboration announcement. The keynote was appealing and I thought that now would be a good time to jump on the Apple Watch train. 

Three main upgrades compared to the old one were the new S2 chip, built-in GPS and waterproof design. All these features seemed good enough so I ran to the local Apple store and pre-ordered my Nike+ model. 


The wait was pretty long. Don't remember exactly how long, but I believe it took over a month until I got my watch delivered. In fact, I can't see the point in releasing a new product without an ability to ship it to customers. Maybe this is just one of Apple's "we can do this, so screw you guys, we do this" kind of things.


Watches have always been my favorite accessories to wear. But since the day I've started wearing my Apple Watch I've been wondering do I really need this mini-computer on my wrist. And there are pros and cons.


  • It's cool to have a wearable gadget with you where ever you go. 
  • It measures your activity and beats your conscience up if you're being lazy ass shit.
  • You can go for a run without your phone and still listen to music and track your exercise.
  • You don't have to dig your phone from your pocket so often anymore (though you do that anyway).
  • It usually tells you the time.


  • You'll have to charge it (almost) every day. 
  • Measurements aren't always so accurate.
  • Every time you move your hand in a movie theater, your wrist lights up.
  • More watch faces and apps would be nice.
  • Having tattoos around your wrist makes it hard to track your heartbeat.
  • You get hooked up on hi-tech and don't want to use your old cool watches anymore

Talking about the activity measurements and the accuracy. It's kind of obscure area. Sometimes the measurements are really on point but annoyingly often they are not. 

We bought the exact same watches with my fiance (Nike+ 42mm and 38mm) and the activity results are usually pretty unequal. Though this might also be a hardware issue.

One thing I'm also wondering is the Apple's magnetic charging plug. Why can't it be charging from the both sides of the button? 


Altogether the Apple Watch is a pretty handy gadget. It's easy to check your messages on the go without having to pick your pocket. It's easy to mute your calls by just laying your hand over your watch. It's easy to put the timer on when trying not to burn your pizza in the oven. And there are dozens of other cool features packed in this little thingy.  Also the quality of the case and display (even with the aluminium version) is reasonable and it doesn't get scratched too easily. 

Still I'm not sure do I really need this. But if they ever release Apple Watch Series 3, that's definitely one I need.


Apple Watch Series 2 Nike+

Aluminium case
S2 dual core processor
Built-in GPS
Water resistant 50 meters
2nd generation Retina display

Superdoob score